Vote Moonpies for the Lonestar Beer Bash at the Brewery!

Lonestar Beer: nectar of the gods.

Hey gang! The Moonpies are in the running to play the ‘Bash at the Brewery’ on September 25th! The Bash is a concert event that celebrates Texas music at Texas beer’s most hallowed grounds: the old Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio! This year, they’ll have 7 bands from across the great Nation of Texas performing live on 2 stages, there’s also good Texas eats and lots of cold Lone Star. Who better to perform at the bash than your favorite band, Mike and the Moonpies?

So if you love us, do the right thing and vote for us! After you vote, you can register to win free tickets to join the party! They’re giving away around 800 free tickets so the odds are in your favor!

Do your good deed for the day and vote for us. Hell, vote again tomorrow. We’ll have Preston give you a big ol’ sloppy kiss to say thanks.

The Moonpies


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